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The interest in Immobilien in Montenegro is gaining momentum every day. More and more real estate clients and investors are paying attention to this country.

First, they study it as tourists, and then move to a permanent place of residence or periodically come to rest. The government is very supportive of foreigners who want to buy a house in Montenegro, therefore, there are no problems with paperwork and closure of the deal. Low cost of living and gentle taxation provide additional convenience for every budget.

Why should I buy a house in Montenegro?

Any purchase of real estate abroad is an investment in the future. The newly independent country is ideal for such investments. This is explained by:

1. Visa-free entry. The holders of a British, American, EU, UAE, Russian, Turkish etc. passports can stay in Montenegro visa-free for 90 days within the period of 180 days.

2. Moderate climate. Warm dry summers give way to mild winters. You won't be able to swim in the sea in January, but you won't have to encounter snow drifts either.

3. An unforgettable vacation. Moreover, for every taste. If you like lazy meditation on the beach, choose brisk Budva. Attracted by the mountains - welcome to Kolasin with its famous ski resort.

4. Environmentally friendly. There are no large industrial enterprises in Montenegro. She lives off tourism. You can breathe in the healing air or splash safely in the purest waters of the Adriatic.

5. Affordability. House prices depend on various indicators: location, nearest infrastructure, proximity to the sea, layout and size of the area, the current state of the facility. The variety of offers is vast enough. But all the same - real estate here is cheaper than in other European countries. If you wish, you can find inexpensive options - from 1,500 euros per square meter .

6. Convenience. Local residents are very hospitable an open to foreigners. The English is taught, in average, for 13 years in school. The menu in most restaurants are in English.

7. Security and public safety. The country is aiming to join the EU, and therefore the laws here are comparable to the European ones. In addition, analysts record one of the lowest criminal rates in Europe.

When looking for Immobilien in Montenegro, the CMM company will introduce you to the fresh offers from the property catalog, tell you how much houses in Montenegro cost, and help you complete a deal. Call now: + 382 68 108 896