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Buying a property in Montenegro today is no more difficult than any other part of the world and prices in the real estate market are quite affordable, and the volume of construction in the country that recently gained independence has grown several times. There are plenty of decisive factors that portray the picture of the real estate market of Montenegro:

  • Visa-free regime for most of the countries undermines bureaucratic red tape;

  • A short flight to the very heart of the Southern Europe does not allow you to get tired on the road – up to two and half hours of flying from any main European air-traffic hubs;

  • Buying a property in Montenegro entitles you to a residence permit of Montenegro;

  • A rapidly evolving infrastructure offers numerous opportunities for starting a successful business.

But the main reason is affordable prices of Wohnungen in development. They are about 20% higher than for secondary, pre-owned housing. But all the same: prices are much lower than in other European countries.

The main aspects of buying Immobilien in Montenegro

You can buy an apartment in a development in any city in Montenegro. Budva and the nearby towns are leaders in terms of the number of Neue Gebäude - Petrovac, Rafailovici, Becici. Many interesting options are to be found in Bar and the surrounding area - in Sutomore, Ilino. In Herceg Novi and Kotor there are fewer offers, but if you wish, you can also find a suitable property that matches your demands and preferences very well.

Foreigners buy real estate of different value:

For their own vacation or permanent residence: The moderate climate, the abundance of beaches on the Adriatic coast, the healing sea and mountain air, as well as the presence of international schools represent the ideal reasons for relocating to Montenegro and settling down in this picturesque, hospitable country.

For renting out: The gain from the rent will cover not only utility costs, but will gradually return all investments in the purchase.

For resale: Recently developed properties to residents of other countries: Swedes, Germans, British, French etc. Real estate can always be sold at a higher rate and capital gain obtained.

It is advisable to buy Wohnungen from the developer at the initial stage of construction. Prices during this period are 20% lower. And as a bonus, there is always a possibility to get an installment plan for up to 2 years.

There is one more benefit - Montenegrin houses for sale are being sold completed. No additional repairs are required.

If you dream of buying a Montenegrin real estate, call - + 382 68 108 896. CMM will help you with the search of your desired property, sales process, documents for the transaction and the registration of the property. With us, very soon you will become the owner of your desired property in Montenegro.